Benny Chan's 'The White Storm' closes Rome Film Festival 2013

Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Nick Cheung on the red carpet

The international première of Benny Chan's adrenalin-fuelled action-thriller The White Storm (Sou Duk) closed the eighth edition of the Rome Film Festival on Sunday evening with a star-studded screening. All three of the movie's main protagonists, prolific Hong Kong actors Sean Lau (accompanied by his wife actress Amy Kwok), Louis Koo and Nick Cheung, joined the director on the red carpet, and were greeted with screams of delight by the many fans who had arrived early at the Auditorium Parco della Musica to catch a glimpse of the stars.

With its gun-play, spectacular action choreography, and underlying themes of loyalty and friendship, The White Storm follows firmly in the tradition of Hong Kong action movie “heroic bloodshed” classics such as John Woo's A Better Tomorrow and A Bullet in the Head. An immensely enjoyable roller-coaster ride, full of plot twists and turns, and with stunningly photographed locations, the film is underpinned by engaging performances by the three charismatic leads – Nick Cheung is particularly good – and was warmly received by the Rome audience, with rapturous and long applause as the credits rolled.

To get a taste of the atmosphere at the Rome screening of The White Storm watch the video below (or click here to watch on YouTube).


Sandy Allain said…
The White Storm is a really great film. deserved its slot on Rome Film Festival! more power to the creators. if you want to know about Rome or learn about it do check this out too