Uto Ughi per Roma 2013

Uto Ughi, soloist and conductor of Orchestra da Camera I Filarmonici di Roma

Uto Ughi Per Roma 2013
Virtuoso violinist Uto Ughi may hail from the north of Italy, but his love affair with Rome is passionately revived every autumn through a series of free concerts in theatres and churches across the city during the Uto Ughi per Roma music festival. Now in its fifteenth year, the concerts are intended to break down barriers of elitism and open the world of classical music to a wider audience, and feature performances not only by the maestro himself, but also by young and talented musicians, with local government and private sponsors picking up the tab.

Judging by the enthusiasm of the audience which packed the Auditorium Conciliazione at the opening concert on Monday evening, Rome also loves Uto Ughi and he was duly thanked with a huge cheer when he took to the stage and launched straight into the exhilarating Praeludium and Allegro by Pugnani-Kreisler. Maintaining an effortless rapport with the audience between pieces as the evening progressed, he explained a little about the music, with often amusing anecdotes about the composers, and even quizzed the audience in the stalls at times - he was the maestro, and for this one evening, we were all his students!

My personal favourite moments during an enjoyably eclectic programme of “greatest hits” for the violin were the elegantly charming Dvorak Humoresque, the exquisite Méditation from Thaïs by Massenet, Kreisler's transcription of the Spanish dance from Vida Breve by De Falla, played with verve and obvious delight, and the exuberant Polonaise op 4.n 1 in D major by Polish composer Wieniawski, whom Ughi introduced as “the Chopin of the violin”.

Uto Ughi per Roma continues at various venues across the city until 16 October, 2013. Tickets are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. For further details visit: UtoUghiPerRoma.com


Angie said…
I love hearing Uto Ughi just discovered him. As a Violinist I can honestly say he is my favorite. He plays with real live art form.