Zhang Ziyi presents 'Love for Life' at the International Rome Film Festival

Zhang Ziyi and Gu Changwei at Rome Film Festival
The undisputed queen of the sixth edition of the International Rome Film Festival yesterday evening was Chinese superstar Zhang Ziyi who shared the red carpet with director Gu Changwei and screenwriter Yang Weiwei at the presentation of the in-competition film Love for Life. I'm an enormous fan of Chinese cinema and the chance to see Zhang Ziyi in person was an absolute thrill – Ms Zhang even graciously signed my DVD copy of House of Flying Daggers, so I'm feeling rather starstruck today!

Love for Life, the first fiction film from mainland China to explore the taboo issue of AIDS in the country, starring Zhang Ziyi alongside Hong Kong pop star and actor Aaron Kwok, is a devastatingly beautiful film, with two heartbreaking performances by both leads. It was warmly appreciated by the audience in Sala Sinopoli yesterday evening, and was greeted with long and rapturous applause and a standing ovation as the credits rolled.

To get a taste of the event watch the video of Zhang Ziyi on the red carpet and in Sala Sinopoli below (or click here to watch on YouTube).