Friday, September 9, 2011

La Grattachecca di Sora Maria

La Grattachecca di Sora Maria on Via Trionfale, one of the city's most famous “grattachecca ” kiosks, has been serving its delicious shaved ice desserts laced with syrup flavours and pieces of fruit since the 1930s. In fact, it is considered so much of an institution in Rome that, if bizarre reports in the media today are to be believed, aspiring medical students at the Sapienza University were quizzed about the typical ingredients on the menu there as part of a recent entrance examination!

La Grattachecca di Sora Maria
Funnily enough, I might well have been able to answer those questions myself, having waited patiently in line just the other evening to try this peculiarly Roman delicacy – slushed ice mixed with pieces of lemon, coconut, amarena cherries and forest fruits, doused in a variety of fruity syrups.

Needless to say, this kiosk is enormously popular with locals and tourists alike and there is always a queue that spills out into the road. The desserts are handmade on request with fresh ingredients, and it has to be said, served with a smile from the ladies behind the counter who clearly take real pride in maintaining this Roman tradition.

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