Naveen Andrews and Kevin McKidd at Roma Fiction Fest 2010

Naveen Andrews and Kevin McKidd at Roma Fiction Fest
Day 3 of Roma Fiction Fest featured one of the most highly anticipated events of the week with not one, but two British actors from two hugely popular US TV dramas sharing the stage together – Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah in all six seasons of Lost) and Kevin McKidd (currently playing Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey's Anatomy). Predictably, this was the event that has drawn the largest crowd I've seen so far and there was a full and enthusiastic house in Sala 4 at Cinema Adriano to hear the actors talk about working on their respective shows and introduce the recent season finales. The interviews were informal and relaxed, with both actors coming across as down to earth individuals of enormous professionalism, combined with humility and sense of humour. Whilst they may not be colleagues on the same show, one felt a sense of complicity and mutual respect between the actors on stage as you can see from the video below of the event (or click here to view on YouTube).