Rome Film Festival and Climate Change on Blog Action Day

Today, 15 October 2009, is Blog Action Day 2009 when, once again, thousands of bloggers around the world all write a post about one important topic. After the success of the 2008 initiative when bloggers looked at Poverty, this year the focus is on Climate Change.

Today also happens to be the opening day of the Rome Film Festival, which will also be taking a very special look at the impact of climate change on our planet in the form of a multimedia exhibition on display in the exhibition areas of the Auditorium Parco della Musica. There will be a series of encounters at 18.00 every day, with the various artists involved in the project - Cape Farewell: Art & Climate Change - whose paintings, photographs and audio/video installations are the result of their own personal experiences encountered during trips to Cape Farewell, in Greenland.
  • Friday 16 October - Quentin Cooper and Suba Subramaniam will discuss Education
  • Saturday 17 October - David Buckland, David Hinton, Peppe Ruggiero and Esmerlada Calabria will tackle the subject of Cinema
  • Sunday 18 October - Max Eastley, Siobhan Davies and Jarvis Cocker will look at Music
  • Monday 19 October - Peter Clegg and Mario Cucinella will discuss Architecture
  • Tuesday 20 October - The Cape Farewell project creator David Buckland and Dan Harvey will discuss Art
The exhibition will remain open throughout the film festival from 9.00 until 23.00 each day, until 23 October and has been organised by the Cape Farewell Foundation in collaboration with the British Council, the British Embassy in Rome and the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma.

The Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome is on Viale Pietro de Coubertin, near the Palazzetto dello Sport, off Viale Tiziano.

Photograph © David Buckland
End of Ice, 2006 (detail)
Used with permission


Andrea Gayle said…
I will be traveling to Rome next week though alas I will miss the Film Festival. Interesting topic: Climate, as it seems to be changing world-wide. It's crazy cold in NY this week.