Diabolik and Eva Kant at Palazzo Incontro

The Italian anti-hero of comic books Diabolik and his partner in love and crime Eva Kant are the stars of the largest ever exhibition dedicated to their “diaboliKal life” at Palazzo Incontro. An absolute must-see for fans of this iconic Italian character known as The King of Terror, the exhibition includes masses of Diabolik memorabilia, posters, advertising billboards, scale models of some of his most exciting gadgets, and the Holy Grail of the entire show, the 10 original hand-drawn plates of the very first issue of Diabolik.

The show is entirely in Italian and there’s lots to read with detailed panels throughout the show, but for those of you visiting Rome over August who don’t speak Italian, it’s still worth a visit if you find yourself in the area, as there are many other items to look at - particularly in the Diabolik between science and science fiction section which is essentially a show within the main show featuring Franco Nodo’s scale models of Diabolik’s E-Type Jaguar.

I also particularly enjoyed The Diabolik Sisters, an Italian documentary showing on the ground floor about the life of Angela and Luciana Giussani, the creators of Diabolik.

Diabolik - Eva Kant: Una vita vissuta diabolikamente, curated by Vincenzo Mollica, in collaboration with Astorina, runs until 13 September, 2009

(Free Entrance)
Palazzo Incontro
Via dei Prefetti, 22