Final days of From Rembrandt to Vermeer at the Museo del Corso

If you haven't seen From Rembrandt to Vermeer - Civil Values in 17th Century Flemish and Dutch Painting, organised by Fondazione Roma and on show at the Museo del Corso in Rome yet, this weekend is your last chance with the exhibition closing on Sunday 15th February. When I visited the museum earlier this week the queues were already incredibly long for a midweek afternoon, so get there early and don't be put off if you DO have to stand in line...this exhibition, which explores the exceptional artistic output of the Golden Age of Dutch art, is well worth the wait!

The focal points of the show are the one (and indeed only) Vermeer on display - Girl with a Pearl Necklace - which is undeniably beautiful and worth the price of the ticket alone, and a small yet fascinating Rembrandt - The Money Changer. There are numerous other gems such as the marvellous The Mother and Girl Weighing Pearls by another maestro of Dutch interiors, Pieter de Hooch. Look out for Rubens' immensely haunting Landscape With a Hanged Man, a tiny sketched landscape painting tucked in a corner in the final room, also The Knife Grinder's Family and Paternal Admonition by Gerard ter Borch, who is now considered one of the greatest Dutch genre and portrait painters of the period.