Photography at The Museo di Roma in Trastevere

I admit that one of my bad habits is catching exhibitions shortly before they close – as luck would have it the photography exhibition at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere - Lisette Model and her school. Photographs from 1937 – 2002 - was popular enough to be extended until 30 November. 

This is another of the art galleries in Rome of which I'm particularly fond. Although it is reasonably small with narrow corridor-like exhibition spaces on the upper floor, and the ground floor gallery following the perimeter of an internal cloister, this difficult space lends itself well to photography shows or other smaller works and the Lisette Model show is no exception. Curated by Diana Edkins and Larry Fink (whose photographs are also on display) this is a highly enjoyable introduction not only to Model's spontaneous 'street photography' and candid portraits of unsuspecting 'sitters' but also an excellent overview of the later generation of photographers who either trained under her or were highly influenced by her style. I particularly liked the social commentary of Eva Rubinstein's works as well as the portraits by Diane Arbus and Bruce Weber.

In complete contrast, I also enjoyed the exhibition of very recent journalistic sports photography from the Reuter's collection - Un mondo di sport – on display on the lower floor of the gallery until 28 Decemeber. These stunning images in colour document sports from around the world – from a global event like the Beijing Olympics to the obscure and bizarre such as the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling contest!