John Turturro in Conversation - A Journey Through American Cinema

The hugely talented and immensely prolific actor John Turturro met critics and the public last night at the Auditorium in Rome as part of an ongoing series of interviews Viaggio nel cinema americano (A Journey Through American Cinema). A relaxed and entertaining Turturro talked at length about working with Spike Lee and the Coen brothers, as well as the experience of playing Primo Levi in La Tregua under the direction of the highly respected Italian film director Francesco Rosi, who was also present in the audience. The conversation was interspersed with clips from Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, Miller's Crossing by Joel Coen, Robert Redford's Quiz Show and the musical Romance & Cigarettes directed by Turturro. The closing clips chosen by John Turturro himself were from La Tregua and one of his personal favourite movie scenes from On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando and Eve Marie Saint.
The actor seemed reluctant to rush off stage at the end of the event and instead stayed behind chatting to members of the public and signing autographs.

The event was curated by Antonio Monda and Mario Sesti and presented by the RomeFilmFest, Studio Universal (Sky), and the Fondazione Cinema per Roma.